I Kissed Dating Ads Goodbye


It is well after the time I should be going home from the office, and yet here I sit, trying to force words onto the page. Something profound about the start of a new year, some resolution to lose ten pounds, read more books and allow love into my life. But, alas, none of those things I desire, well I might desire them, but they are not the content of my resolutions.

This year I resolve to have Facebook leave me alone in regards to my singleness. I do not want to see another add for Match.com, Zooks.com, SingleParentMixer.com (a. I am not a single parent b. that website may not be accurate). I want my feed to be free of these ads, not because I hate online dating, not because it makes me feel bad, but because I like my life.

I am content. I like who I am, I do not need to question the situation God currently has me in. He has a plan, and I have the privilege of following. There have been many seasons in my life where singleness was a struggle, and the ads killed me. Made me covet what I did not have, forced me to click, begin a profile that I could never bring myself to finish. I am not above these ads, I am not above being lonely (I am still in the office and the sun has set) but I resolve to not let Facebook make me feel bad about it. Algorithms and analytics won’t break my heart.

Someday there may or may not be a Pinterest inspired wedding, but until than, no more ads Facebook. Now, if there were only a way to make this actually happen.