Why Wichita?


I was the passenger in a caravan with friends when we got pulled over. The driver of the vehicle I was in got two tickets: one for speeding and one for driving on a suspended license. As a side note, she did not know her licence was suspended in the state of New York. She got ousted as the driver, got out and headed to the other van, and I was left alone with my thoughts as I drove through the rest of the state. That drive was a divine moment in my life. I cranked up the music, turned off the walkie-talkie (you know that is how we roll), and prayed.

I sought the Lord – I needed direction, and He has always been faithful. I sought the Lord and He gave me peace. I had been given a couple of options for my next assignment with the organization I work for and I had to make the decision of where was I going to live. The only home I had known post-college was no longer an option, so on this drive I sought the Lord. He gave me peace and upon entering Pennsylvania, I told my caravan buddies that I was moving to Wichita, Kansas.

For just over two years I have made Wichita my home. Yes, that Wichita, the one Jack White sings of. During that time I have consistently been asked (by everyone), “Why Wichita?” To be honest I still ask myself that some days. But I know this is where I should be. Is it the best city in the US? No. Was it on my list of places to move? No. Was it even on my radar? No. But it is where the Lord directed me.

As I have wrestled with this new home, I have looked to the Old Testament Prophets – I seek their words for my discipline, encouragement, or direction. This past week I have been meditating on Isaiah 65:2, “They will build houses and inhabit them; They will also plant vineyards and eat their fruit.” A similar, more common sentiment: “Bloom where you are planted.” I have been planted in Wichita, I am making my home, and I am flourishing. So, instead of asking why Wichita, why here, why there, let’s seek to root ourselves, build our homes, and grow where the Lord has placed us.


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