Jesus says, “I stand at the door and knock.” My friend Peter once said, “Stop knocking and bust through the damn door, get in here already.” Sometimes I reflect on Peter’s words and desire for the Lord to break down the damn doors I have built and often fortified with lies.

Even when I want to walk in the truth of scripture, the truth of Christ working in me, the truth of redemption, those damn lies creep in. They begin to choke out the truth and the door becomes harder to open.

Lately I have been trying to open the door, the door I constructed, the door Christ lovingly waits at, knocking and coaxing me to come. He will never bust the door down – He is not that type of Father – but once the door is open, He will destroy the door. When I was in high school, I loved the drama of slamming my door when I wanted to make a point. I had been warned by my dad, “If you do that one more time, I am getting rid of your door.” I thought he was bluffing; I slammed my door to test him, to put a barrier between us and prove my point. When I got home from school the next day, there was a curtain where my door had once been.

A good Father does not mess around – he destroys the barriers between us, He disciplines in love, and He keeps His word. As Christ stands at the door and knocks, I have to open the door I slammed shut, and he can do whatever He wants with that door. But just like my earthly father, I hope He takes it off its hinges and destroys the behavior that allowed it close in the first place.

Lord, please break down the damn door, dismantle the lies that have fortified it, take it off the hinges of my heart and destroy it. You are a good Father, and I want to know Your love. Amen.



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