You Can.


Dear Brenda,

God has done an amazing job surrounding me with empowered women; women who fight for truth, seek justice, love the Word and model humility. God has been so gracious in providing mentors and personal relationships that correct me, sharpen me and push me toward righteousness. These women have shown me what godly singleness can look like, what a great marriage could be, and that the heartbreak of a shattered relationships can be restored. There is one thing they did not show me- they did not introduce me to a women in the pulpit.

I heard women teach, I listened as they handled the Word of God correctly and with authority- to a room full of women. I was never told, “You can not preach,” but that is what I inferred. I put the pieces together and figured my role in the church would always be with children, youth or women- that is what we, the women, did. We rocked babies in the nursery, we taught eight-year-olds memory verses, we lead small groups for the teens, we became church secretaries, or women’s ministry majors- we did not pastor, we did not preach.

But God- in every good story there is a “but God” moment- and you are a part of mine. But God brought me to CCDA, and I heard you handle the Word, I heard you preach, I heard you bring truth in a fresh and powerful way, I also heard God say, “You can.” This you can, was followed by a period not a specific role or job- it was a freeing phrase.

“You can,” has rattled around in my mind for the better part of the last decade, during that time I researched, and did word studies, and sought out other women bringing the Gospel, and I found that not only can I, I must. I must preach with passion, and seek scriptures that grab my gut, I must study the Bible with determination and guidance from  the Holy Spirit. But what I learned most from watching you- is that I do not have to defend my right to preach- I do not have to speak about why a women in the pulpit is acceptable- I just can, and I must. Truth is truth- the Holy Spirit will give truth to anyone He wants to speak it- and because of your example, I can.


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