Sisters- Be Bold


I was recently asked by an older gentleman how I became so bold, I blamed my parents. But I also wondered if he would have asked a man this question. I know that I am a passionate woman, and boldness seems to come easily, but I have always viewed this as taking cues from the Biblical women I read about growing up.

When I was introduced to the story of Esther/Hadassah I learned about a strong, intelligent, beautiful and obedient women. Her opinion was valued by her Uncle, she left home, changed her name, stopped speaking her home language and crossed cultures for her people. She was bold.

When I read about Hannah I saw a woman who knew what she wanted, was strong willed, had character and was obedient. Her worship mattered—when she could not have a child she prayed one thing over and over and over, and when God answered she handed her baby over to His service. She was bold.

When I heard about Jochebed and Miriam I learned about two women who loved passionately, thought outside the box and were obedient. When Jochebed had Moses, she kept him silent and Miriam built a basket for her brother and inserted her mother as a wet nurse in the princess’s chambers. They were bold.

When I pored over the story of Mary I read about bravery, joy and obedience. She carried a baby in her belly and was most likely shunned, she birthed him with no midwife and no bed. She was bold.

So to all my sisters- be bold. That is the legacy of the great cloud of witnesses that are watching us, that cloud is filled with biblical heroines and women of faith. Be obedient and bold—that is our heritage. And if a grown man ever asks you how you got that way, blame the Bible.