I am an eavesdropper; I love to listen to the conversations around me. Today, as I sat at my usual coffee shop, I listened to two young women in deep discussion about God’s will and how to pray for direction. I was encouraged.

I was encouraged by their honesty with one another. They asked and answered tough questions about their spiritual lives. I was encouraged as they spoke of their gender. They acknowledged that it would not be easy, but overall they wanted to be obedient to the Lord.

These two had no idea I was typing about them, pausing as they talked about the struggle that is figuring out the future. These two twenty-somethings want to work in the church, they want to be of use to the church, and they have no idea where to begin. I really wanted to butt in, join their conversation, interject where I was not invited—I did not. But I did pray for them.

These are the words I found myself praying-

Give them boldness to venture down the paths they are unsure of.
Instill crazy amounts of trust that leans on You, and you alone.
Continue to grow in them hearts of prayer that seek Your face and wait on Your response.
Bring a confidence that can only come from You, a confidence that comes from connectedness to Your Spirit.
Allow peace to wash over them as they long to bring Your truth and love to those who are hurting.
Father, please do not let others extinguish the fire they have for You and Your Bride. Grow this passion and create space for them in Your Church.
Create space for these young ladies to use their gifts to build the Kingdom and edify the Bride.
Lord, please keep them in Your hand, keep them in community, keep them close so that they may draw others to You.
Use these younger ones to bring healing, hope, and equality to Your Body.

Hearing these two young women talk, my hope for the future of the church was renewed. They will find a way to serve and obey the Lord, no matter what their current leadership says. I will continue to pray this prayer over the girls, young ladies, and women in my life—including myself. May obedient women link arms and advance the Gospel, even while eavesdropping.


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