A Liturgy of the Ordinary


Liturgy means so many things to me- this is the final installment of a four part series on this topic.

Liturgy is an order of worship, an order of life, patterns that repeat, events that occur again and again. Often liturgy is reserved for the sacred, a holy separation of the repetition and litany of the work week and the time intentionally set aside for the Lord. Yet, lately I have seen my lines blur and boundaries that were once clear dissolve as the sacred and secular collide.

Maybe this is what the wholistic spiritual life looks like. The margins get thin and the everyday becomes part of the liturgy that was once lived out only in the pew. The sacred spills into the aisle and out the door into the mundane, creating new beauty in the ordinary.

The coffee shop becomes the foyer where community is greeted, the living room transforms into a sanctuary, a manger is repurposed into a throne for the Baby King. The everyday is seen through the a new lens of potential where nothing is as it seems.

The season of Advent is constantly reminding me of this perfectly imbalanced life. The life where the Savior invades and the Divine demolishes the divides my mind has constructed. Everything is His and the liturgy of the everyday is gently nudging me to see myself as Holy.

As I walk in holiness, Christ walks before me—breaking down walls, speaking truth, preparing good works, and unfurling the hem of His robe, so all that touches it is healed. The ordinary, the everyday becoming other; solely because He is present. That is what Advent is about: Holiness becoming flesh and flesh becoming holy, and the ordinary becoming sacred.

Walk with me in this journey of an everyday liturgy, where the woman at the well is a community changer, the homeless man becomes an Image bearer and where we are holy because He is Holy.


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